Green Center – ticketing system

Green Center ticketing system

GREEN Center Ticketing System

The GREEN Center Ticketing System is designed for the collection of fees for the entry to sports areas (stadiums, sports halls, fitness centres, ski centres, swimming pools, aquaparks, etc.), entertainment centres (multiplex cinemas, etc.), leisure centres or cultural premises. The Ticketing System can become a module of parking systems, payments for the use of different services within centres or areas can be subsequently groupped together and paid for within one transaction. Furhter, the customer can select out of many discounts and tariffs. The creation of reports and overview statistics on the system operation is commonplace.

Main attributes

Connection via RS422 / TCP/IP
The Sybase SQL database, the GreenProAccess application programme
The GPU AC module / the GPU AC IP module
Connection of the communication module to the media scanner via RS232/USB

Basic components

Control unit (GPU AC / GP4 AC)
Cash register (manual/automatic)
Reader (of bar code / conactless cards / chip cards / chip tags)

Optional accessories

Coin validators
Discount terminals

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