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The GREEN Center Logo GREEN Center is a genuinely Czech company that is a specialized producer, supplier and seller of parking and access systems. The quality and reliability of our products have been proven by more than 20 years of their practical use.

Our aim is to supply high quality products and provide comprehensive services in the area of parking systems with the purpose to provide all our customers with optimum solutions for their parking issues and to respond flexibly to all wishes, requirements and needs of our customers. Regardless of the size of the customer, we always try to develop long-term and mutually advantageous relations with our business parters.

The company was established in the year 1992, however, více ..

Main areas of business activities

Smart parking systems and automatic road barriers
  - integrated systems of barrier parking systems designed for the collection of parking fees in public car parks, in multi-storey garages, high-capacity garages, industrial areas or private buildings at different price levels
  - parking systems for company car parks with the premises access control
  - payment terminals, automatic pay stations and parking machines
  - system for the detection and monitoring of vehicles, systems for automatic recognition of licence plates and registration marks

Ticketing systems
 - ticketing systems for sports areas (with one and more pay stations), for cultural institutions, etc.

Development of control applications of microcomputer technology
 - development of HW and SW of control microcomputer applications
 - smart traffic control systems and control of traffic in narrow passages
 - control units for stacking parking systems in multi-storey garages
 - customer optimisation and control of stacking systems for multi-storey garages

Development of customer microcomputer applications
 - development of HW technologies and SW applications according to specific requirements of the customer

Camera systems, communication systems, video phones

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