Commercial car parks and multi-storey car parks

Public car parks and multi-storey car parks

Public car parks and multi-storey car parks

The parking systems of GREEN Pro Parking can be used to organize entries to parking areas, exits from parking areas and the collection of fees for parking services. Depending on their requirements, car park operators can select out of a large range of tariffs and discount programmes according to the type of parking. Parking systems are modular which allows the resulting product to be compiled exactly in compliance with the customers\' wishes and needs. Due to the software solution, the car park can be split into zones and one of many modes of operation can be selected for each individual zone. Within zones, different tariffs can be selected, different rights to access, etc. Systems allow payments to be made via SMS (which requires an agreement with the relevant operator). A discount out of a wide range of provided discounts can be selected depending on the used tariff - single discounts, time-limited discounts, percentage discounts, discounts in the form of a certain financial amount. It can be optionally determined whether individual discounts can be summed or not. Discounts can be provided via discount vouchers or directly via the client station (cash register) SW. Parking systems also allow the car park to be connected to the city guidance systems.

In order to increase the car park security, it can be additionally equipped with the system for LP reading and the registation marks reading (the GPP LPR module). This module allows the entry and exit on the basis of the registration mark recognition. Information allocated to a registration mark in the system can be used to charge different users (users with prepaid cards, visitors, etc.) different types of fees.

The GPP PGS2 parking guidance system is used for guiding a vehicle to a vacant parking space in garages. Light guiding elements indicate the parking space occupancy at present. In addition to the depiction of the occupancy status, the signaling lights can indicate also the booking of a parking space which can be used e.g. at spaces booked for prepaid card users or for the disabled. To regulate the traffic in the car park, the following elements are used - guiding displays showing direction indicators, information on the current status of parking zones and the number of vacant parking spaces.

Jan Gayer parking house, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

- capacity 284 parking places
- Parking system GP4P Variant
- Charging station for electric vehicles GP4CS
- Access control units for car park door entrance and for sanitary facilities GP4A

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P + R car parks, Prague, Czech Republic

High-capacity underground garage Letná, Prague, Czech Republic

- 800 parking places
- GPP PGS2 guiding to an empty parking space : 33x information display, 326x guiding sensor of parking space occupancy

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