GP4AT – coin operated turnstile

GP4AT coin operated turnstile

GP4AT Coin Operated Turnstile

The GP4AT coin operated turnstile The GP4AT Coin operated turnstile is a comprehensive device that is designed for the control of entry and movement, the access control and the regulation of passages of persons to reserved areas. The combination of a one-stand three-arm turnstile and an automatic pay station allows the features of both devices to be used within one compact unit. GP4AT is used for unattended automatic collection of single fees charged for the entry of persons into reserved areas of a building. After every payment has been made, the unit provides the customer with a receipt that can be further used, e.g. as a discount voucher.

The Coin Operated Turnstile is suitable both for private companies and for premises of public institutions. The turnstile can be installed in all buildings where unattended collection of admission fees is required. GP4AT represents an ideal solution e.g. for toilets in public buildings, transport terminals (airports, train stations, public transport terminals, etc.), petrol stations, restaurants and cafés, shopping centres, leisure and sports centres (sports areas, aquaparks, swimming pools, etc.), historical monuments, tourist attractions, cableways, museums, zoos or botanical gardens and many other types of buildings.

The device is fully autonomous. Its correct operation does not require the connection to a superior system. However, the interconnection with other offered products can be implemented. The  GP4AT coin operated turnstile can thus become a significant part of the existing parking system or access system and, in this way, a large functional structure can be built.

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