NEDAP – readers designed for the long range identification of vehicles and drivers

NEDAP readers designed for the long range identification

Long-range identification systems

The Nedap long range identification systems We have become a certified distributor of technologies for automatic long-range vehicle and driver identification of the Nedap company for the Czech Republic. Nedap is the market leader in this area. We offer both scanners and relevant media designed for vehicle and driver identificiation.

Patented solutions of the Nedap company ensure reliable identification of vehicles and drivers also  in difficult working conditions. The use of scanners allows the improvement of the traffic flow and makes the passage faster and more comfortable while the use of this technology is entirely unattended.

Data on all performed passages of vehicles is recorded and kept. Operators can use this data for backchecks of events as well as for monitoring and control of the use of roads and car park areas.

Long-range scanners can be used in a wide range of areas: at access paths to car parks, at airports, ports, reserved areas of industrial zones, at logistics sites, in cities and at many other places.

Scanners are usually supplied as fully integrated parts of the GREEN Center systems. However, they can also be supplied as independent products that can be easily connected to an already existing access system, parking system or another traffic control system.

For automatic identification of vehicles and drivers, we offer the following platforms:
 - uPASS

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