Sports and leisure centres

Parking at sports centres, entertainment centres, leisure centres

Sports and Leisure Centres

The combination of parking systems and ticketing systems ensures the execution of many functions in sports centres, entertainment centres and similar facilities - the entry to the area of car park, exit from this area, the collection of parking fees, the entry to the centre, the use of services with the option to select out of many tariffs or discount programmes according to the operator's needs. At the entry and exit, the system controls the operation of gate doors, gates or barriers. Upon the entry to the centre, the system operates turnstiles, gates, doors, etc. The system allows the parking fees and fees charged for the visit of a sports or entertainment centre to be grouped either within one payment system or within a specialized system via the connection over the universal interface. The system uses the printing of a bar code or a contactless media (chips, cards). Depending on the selected tariff, the customer can choose out of a wide spectrum of provided discounts: single discounts, time-limited discounts, percentage discounts, discounts in the form of a certain financial amount. It can be optionally determined whether discounts can be summed or not. Discounts can be provided via discount vouchers or directly via the client station (cash register) SW. Discount vouchers are printed by the printer (the printing of receipts, etc.) that is part of the system. Another option to apply discounts is the card validation via Card Checker. Card Checker performs the modification of card parameters and, subsequently, the card is charged depeding on its specific setting inclusive of the selected discount. Further, the system offers the keeping of records of statistics, monitoring entries, adding of passages, monitoring the car park occupancy, etc.

Another option to collect a charge for the entry to an area is a simple autonomous access with the use of a turnstile or a gate. Access devices are supplemented with a coin validator or a contactless media reader for prepaid cards or permanent cards. When data is downloaded from the access media, the customer is charged for the used time and services.

Aquapalace, Prague, Czech Republic

- GP4P Variant parking system
- contactless cards
- 4× barrier, 2× automatic pay station, 1x manual pay station, 2× entry, 2× exit, 1× server, 1x client PC

BB Centre, Prague, Czech Republic

- GP4P Variant parking system
- access system
- contactless cards
- 4× barrier, 2× automatic pay station, 1x manual pay station, 1× entry, 1× exit, 1x VIP entry, 1x VIP exit, 1× server

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